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As an eligible member of PSP Media Capital’s private network you receive access to qualified and vetted low and micro budget independent feature film projects, documentaries and television content. 

Qualified projects include:

  • A diverse array of genres from Writers and Directors;
  • Producers with a successful track record of generating timely and robust ROI;
  • Award-worthy feature films and television projects with wide audience appeal;
  • Name talent in front of and behind the camera;
  • Quality control through Pixelogic Media who delivers to distributors such as 20th Century Studios, A24, Amazon, Lionsgate, HBO, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony Pictures, STX Entertainment and Warner Bros. 
  • Multitude of worldwide revenue streams ranging from domestic/foreign limited theatrical release, television syndication, pay cable, Video On Demand services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video,  Hulu, Peacock, Apple TV+, Catchplay, and Quibi), Blu-ray and more;
  • Exclusive sale to on-demand Internet streaming media providers, such as Netflix, Inc.
  • Intellectual property ownership;
  • Tax incentives when applicable;
  • Fully transparent revenue reporting;
  • Studio-quality oversight and management throughout production, including monitoring and matching of return receipts to profits, and milestone and quarterly reporting.

PSP Media Capital Investor Perks

As an active PSP Media Capital investor you will have the opportunity to participate in all the exciting events surrounding the feature films and their releases. Our goal is to make your experience in Indie film investing not only profitable but also one of the most memorable and fun investments you make.

  • Invites to pre-release special screenings;
  • Invites to worldwide premieres and after parties;
  • Invites to major film festivals and award ceremonies;
  • Invites to film set to see the magic of film making and possible role as an extra;
  • Invite to meet the stars, directors and producers;
  • Cool movie memorabilia.

International film markets are quickly evolving and there are more opportunities than ever for quantum growth.

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